The Saxophonist, singer and multi-instrumentalist Pino Cremone was born into a musical family in Agrigento Italy. He plays the Saxophon, drums and guitar proffessionally and is also striking on the piano, e-bass, keyboard, flute and percussions. Pino Cremone learned to play his first instrument, the acoustic guitar, with just 5 years. At the age of only 8 years he was already performing on some music events and even makes an appearance on Italian Tv and radio. By the time he became 14 he was playing in several bands in Italy. When he was 15 he started learning to play the saxophon with several private teachers. It didn't didn't take long for him to discover his passion for the saxophon. With 18 Pino comes to Germany for his first time and makes music with various international Jazz and Pop bands. At the end of the 80s he broadend his horizon and attended a Jazz school in New York. During his stay he met a lot of interesting musicians and perfoms with them in popular Jazz clubs a couple of times. At the age of 20 he settles down in Germany. He opened a professional recording studio in Germany and recorded multiple records from musicans from very different genres. Therefore he gains much experience in the field of sound engineering. Finally he recorded his first Jazz Album Oasis, The Color Of Music, Smooth Jazz, Smooth Inspiration, The Spirit Of Music, Sunflower, Strings, Window To The Beach, Lounge and Music.

Impressively he plays all the instruments himself. Various albums followed. At the moment he is very active recording Acoustic Jazz new Album.


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